Anamarija Talijanac True North

Anamarija is our solution architect and engineering lead. Black belt problem solver with a proven track record as a lead on many challenging projects using different platforms & technologies, from "classic" AIX, Mainframe, Websphere to "modern" and state-of-the-art K8s, cloud native development, Serverless, Quarkus and Kafka. [Believe us, her list doesn't end here, but we had to limit it or open a whole new page just for her.] Before she cofounded True North, Anamarija worked as a senior consultant and IT Architect at IBM where she worked on design and implementation of wide range of different enterprise systems in industries like Government, Smart Card, Telecommunications and Banking. Anamarija is passionate about technology, learning new things and helping others. She is also open source enthusiast, coder, mentor and speaker.



The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users & Croatian Java Users Association. 

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