Coupling & Cohesion - two most important concepts in programming, ever


Best Practicies & Success Stories

Date and time

Tuesday, 12. October 2021., 09:00


Hall B



We're being bombarded by new technologies, tools and frameworks on a daily level. Skills of learning and unlearning have become paramount, and most of the knowledge acquired has shorter and shorter shelf life. In this talk I'll try to give you something that's worth keeping forever. We'll go back to the very basics and go through two most important concepts that tech leads and architects live and breathe - the concepts that permeate all the successful architectures, frameworks and libraries in use today.

Lecture details

Talk Attendence: Attendance in person
Type: Lecture
Level of difficulty: General
Desirable listeners function: Software Developer or Architect
Group of activity: Best Practicies & Success Stories

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The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users & Croatian Java Users Association. 

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