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utorak, 12. listopad 2021., 11:45


Dvorana A



This community keynote brought to you by HUJAK, will present the past, the present and, most important, the future of Java as one of the best programming languages and the most widespread software development platform in the world today, but, even more important, as an enormous ecosystem of code, libraries, tools, services, and ? the people behind it all. We will take on a journey through the most interesting features of the Java programming language in the last years, as well as the most prospective new projects and features that already are or will be a part of the future of Java. To name a few, we will discuss many contemporary projects such as Valhalla, Panama, Graal, Loom, and Metropolis, as well as new features related to Switch Expressions, Text Blocks, Pattern Matching, NullPointerExceptions, Records, Foreign Function and Memory API, Vector API, and Sealed Classes. We will also address the current state of software development related to Java and similar technologies, presenting results from various developer surveys, with additional focus on our part of the world and Croatia. We will also provide recommendations coming from HUJAK as a local Java community and how to respond to current software development challenges, and discuss the future of our software development in the context of remote work, education, and employment. 

Detalji o predavanju

Način održavanja: Osobno prisustvo
Vrsta: Keynote speach
Razina težine: Općenito
Poželjna funkcija slušatelja: Sve
Grupa aktivnosti: Best Practicies & Success Stories

O predavaču


Konferenciju organiziraju Hrvatska udruga Oracle korisnika i Hrvatska udruga Java korisnika. 

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